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Year 3 Course Offerings

MECA Courses

  • US History
  • English 11
  • Spanish
  • Algebra II
  • Physics
  • Physical Education

BMCC Courses

  • Foundations of Digital Graphic Design
  • Intro to Multimedia
  • Intro to Business
  • Statistics
  • The Latino Experience
  • African-American History
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Mandarin
  • Intercultural Communication
Instructional Focus
  • Visual communication
  • Cultural and Intercultural awareness

Third year courses focus on the further development of students' oral, written, and visual communication skills. In year 3, students split their time between the MECA high school campus and BMCC. Students also continue to engage in work-based learning projects and internships.

  • Nearly half of students’ academic courses are college general education requirements for the A.A. or A.S. degree taken at BMCC. 
  • BMCC courses may include Math, History, Foreign Language, Graphic Design, and Business.
  • Students take the third year of the 4-year CTE sequence where they participate in a Media immersion seminar taught by industry professionals. The seminar focuses on merging creative and strategy in the development of a campaign. At the end of the year, students can become certified in the Adobe Creative Suite. 
  • Work-based learning includes job shadowing at many of the top advertising and media firms in New York City, participation in Project ACT – an early career mentoring program, and summer internships for qualified students.