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Year 4 Course Offerings

MECA Courses

  • English 12
  • Financial Literacy
  • Health
  • Physics
  • Physical Education

BMCC Courses

  • English Composition I
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Intro to Contemporary Media
  • The Mass Media
  • Typography and Layout
  • Multimedia Programming
  • Intro to Marketing
Instructional Focus
  • Media Literacy
  • Financial Literacy

Students continue to split their time between MECA and BMCC and complete their high school requirements in year four. Students, in consultation with their families and MECA staff, determine which Associate’s Degree to pursue.

  • By the end of year 4, students will have completed 30 credits at BMCC, half of the requirements for their Associate’s Degree.
  • Students elect to pursue a degree in Multimedia Arts, Multimedia Programming, or Marketing and Advertising. 
  • Students take specialized college course based on the field students decide to pursue and the remainder of their general education requirements. 
  • Students complete the 4-year CTE sequence with students running a small in-house advertising agency that works on accounts for local community organizations and pro bono clients. 
  • Work-based learning includes job shadowing at many of the top advertising and media firms in NYC and continued participation in Project ACT – an early career mentoring program. 
  • Students not electing to continue their studies at BMCC are provided with comprehensive college counseling to help them find the right college for them.